What We Do ?

Muscle & Joint Clinic Aims to step beyond the cliches of physical medicine - We look to redefine the landscape of holistic health by providing wholesome solutions to all your health-needs. We span every sphere of your requirement, be it sports medicine, or rehabilitation, or performance-enhancement or even corporate fitness programs.

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We welcome our clients with warmth, and we treat them with utmost care. When it comes to Muscle & Joint Clinic, we have our most­prized and perfected facilities for you: our hands, and our expertise. This apart, all our centers boast of state­of-the­art equipment & expert­staff who will take care to diagnose and provide effective and sustainable solutions for you!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures! Here are the captures of what we do at Muscle & Joint Clinic, Including but not limited to our demos, educational snippets, our works, and of course, the testimonials of our related customers who are back on their feet!!